Europe's only cleaning, re-waxing & full restoration service.

At WJC, we are determined to provide a service of the highest quality.


With over 10 years experience we have successfully combined the traditional hand crafted and proven methods with new and ever changing techniques in order to maintain the highest levels of service and results.

Our high quality procedure will "GUARANTEE" to eradicate the foul smells that are associated with unclean waxed garments, while making them look

full of new life in the process! 


As mentioned above, the cleaning process eliminates smells.

But that's not all it does! 

We will professionally and carefully clean any waxed cotton garment, be it from Belstaff, Barbour, Drizabone or from the more obscure manufacturers,

nothing is off limit for us to care for!


For example.....

We can take any mouldy, smelly and generally unloved Wax Jacket from a customer.


Don't believe us?


Check out our 

"Amazing Transformations" Page to see more detailed information!